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Mechanical Technician Jobs-ACWA Power Company’s NOMAC Maintenance Energy Services is a specialist co-op that provides long-term contracted maintenance services for the Middle East’s industrial and commercial sectors. It upholds its clients’ quality by delivering the same level of service as an OEM.

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In response to the increasing demand for help in the Middle East, the NMES has established full help auxiliaries in Oman, UAE, and KSA. We are also working on developing other assistance branches such as on-site metal disintegrating, leak-sealing, and on-line PSV adjustment.

If you’re a Mechanical Technician with a background in keeping up with the latest equipment and techniques and Apply For Mechanical Technician Jobs online, then you’re probably a good candidate for our help line. The main obligation of the Mechanical Technician is to ensure that the equipment is properly established and maintained.

Turbine mechanics are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. They work closely with the Operations Department, Supervisors, and the Environment Health and Safety (EHS) staff. It is the best opportunity for apply For Mechanical Technician Jobs.

Technician JobsMechanical Technician Jobs Details

Hiring Organization NOMAC
Place of Posting Mechanical Technician Jobs
Qualification associate degree in Technical Field
Gender Male and Female
Employment Type Full Time
Job Category All Jobs
Total Seats Multiple

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  • Mechanical Technician Jobs

Mechanical Technician Jobs Responsibilities

  • This course aims to introduce students to the various facets of work systems, including drawings, diagrams, and specifications.
  • It also aims to introduce them to the various components and hardware that are used in modern foundations.
  • Use various tools and equipment to destroy and collect various types of gear and apparatus.
  • Electrical and mechanical repairs are performed on various equipment such as power apparatuses, hand instruments, and equipment.
  • To move and destroy equipment, students use various types of cranes, trucks, and lifting equipment.
  • Using various tools and equipment, such as squares, rules, and micrometers, students will be able to modify and align various types of equipment and components.
  • They will also perform welding and machining tasks to make various parts.
  • Using various equipment and tools, students will perform material and machine reviews.
  • They will also learn about the various types of hardware that are used for estimating force and material.
  • Getting and transporting significant pieces for T&DC is very important. This course also covers getting and controlling the various components and equipment used in the work.
  • Plan and buy the necessary hardware for projects, such as water powered gadgets, mechanical components, and electrical equipment.
  • They will also carry out various tasks related to transport and dump materials.

Mechanical Technician Jobs Qualifications

  • The key factors that contribute to the success of a specialty unit are its business outlook and project management standards.
  • This individual will also build connections with senior level project management officials.
  • Developing and enhancing the theoretical and practical capabilities of your team members through the use of specialized skills is very important to ensure that they can effectively carry out their duties.
  • This includes understanding the various aspects of the power plant’s support and equipment.

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